LEGO Retire Set 2021

LEGO Retire Set 2021
A list of set will be stop production this year

LEGO Retired set or what we call, stop production by LEGO, we have compose a list which we collected from whole around the world. 

Let start with the most popular series - LEGO Creator Expert

As majority of this series price shot up fast after LEGO stop the production, so we recommend those who haven't get 1. please pay more attention on our stock level. 

1. 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

This set have first come up at Year 2019 January, and it will go discontinue at 31.12.2021

2. 10264 Corner Garage

This set first come up at year 2019 April, and surprisingly it go retired this year 31.12.2021

We found some Blog have set this Modular house retired next year 2022 on beginning of this year, but recently the Majority Blog have bring this set to retired at 2021. Look like LEGO decide to retired it early.

3. Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

This set first come up at year 2020 January, and it go stop production this year 31.12.2021

We will update this page, once we got other Creator Expert set retiring this year. 

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